What have I been up to?

So there is a lot going on right now but a short update seemed in order! I’ve not been posting much here as most of my time writing has been spent on my dissertation, news articles for my postdoctoral researcher position, other publications, and of course reviews at WWAC.

I recently updated my research and public works pages with new links and lines for what I’ve been writing in those realms. However, another significant place where you can find my writing and related research is over at The Alexandria Archive news site.

That’s where I’ve been writing things for my postdoctoral research and exploring the many ways that we can approach teaching archaeological data literacy. There’s also a cool post in there about AI that was really cool to work on and think about regarding issues of justice in research more generally.

Anyways, that’s a short summary of what’s been going on since I first started this little site. Thanks for checking in and I hope y’all are doing well.